Investing in a dietitian in order to build menus that offer healthy options, cater to dietary restrictions (e.g. gluten-free, raw, dairy-free, accommodating diabetics, pregnant women, Paleo diets, etc.), and still taste delicious allows organizations to fulfill and stay one step ahead of the dynamic consumer demand landscape. Many states are even moving toward mandatory nutrition fact labeling on menus.

Ezgi has designed a Restaurant Consulting Programme that simplifies the process for restaurants and cafes while making sure their brand identity remains strong.

This would entail:

*Menu creation, working alongside restaurant executives and chefs to align with the vision of the facility and harness nutrition goals as well

*Menu consulting (a report generated on how to maximize your menu’s nutrition potential, suggest new menu items, edits to current menu, and suggestions in general)

*Menu analysis (complete nutrient data analysis for all food/beverage items complete with generated labels)

*Allergy Statements

*Ability to use dietitian’s name and title to live on website or promotional materials as “our dietitian” to legitimize brand

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