For those of you who want to start a diet and cannot find an opportunity due to an intense life tempo or lack of a nearby dietician, we support you to reach your ideal weight with online diet counseling.

You don’t need to follow strict diet programs that are not suitable for you. Without leaving your home or work place, we will send you a specially prepared and enjoyable diet program by e-mail. All you’ve got to do is weighing yourself with your own scale weekly. We will be in touch and will monitor your weight every week regularly.

 You can make your first step with filling out the information form and completing your payment. After these steps, we get in touch with you over the phone and discuss further about your future diet programs. According to your feedbacks and weighing results, we prepare your new program and send it to your e-mail address every week for 1 month. Although you will always be kept an eye on, you should never hesitate reaching us via e-mail, phone and text.

• Fill out the information form

 • Complete your payment

 • You will be called and discussed your diet

 • You will receive a prepared special diet program

  • Make it sure you weigh yourself and let us know

 • We will go through your list and share with you weekly

  • For fees and form, please call:


+905393589383 (whatsapp)

Or email to

Instagram: nutritionbyezgi

Diet Pre-Application Form