About Me

Who am I?

I graduated from Bahcesehir University, the  Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. After completing my undergraduate degree, I successfully completed the postgraduate program of Human Nutrition at Chester University in the United Kingdom and earned the title of specialist dietitian.  I will have the opportunity to get my Master of Science diploma at the 2020 ceremony.

I had working experience in various places in Turkey and England.

I participated in many congresses, seminars and fairs related to my expertise in the UK. My master’s thesis on the effect of turmeric on cardiovascular diseases has been assessed to be successful. I am still continuing my scientific studies.

As an expert dietitian, I am currently providing consultancy services to my esteemed clients on various subjects such as weight control, nutrition for cancer, nutrition for metabolic diseases, nutrition during pregnancy and breast feeding period, and nutrition consultancy to different institutions.

Note: You can review my services in the consultancy services section of the website.

On this website, you can reach the right information about nutrition, visit the places I have been to with me, and share my experiences.

How about staying healthy with me?

Ezgi Pekgöz